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Winter Swan by xxloudsilencexx
Winter Swan
A doodle in charcoal snitched from the art building, as well as the inspiration for it.
    The teacher’s glossy white-tipped fingernail pointed toward yet another coldly coded phrase, jumping with fake syllables. Her voice, the voice of plastic adults, ready to crack with a false assumption. She smiled prettily, and talked the way adults thought kids wanted to hear. She called kindly on Julia, the girl with the button nose and sparkly pink shoes.

    “Yes, Julia, very good sweetheart. Jeffrey what about the next one?”

    His hands sat on his lap with a paperclip in them, twisting it along with his small stomach. A couple of his nails bled from recess after a play-battle in the sand turned sour. Blood burned in his face now though, as his face contorted with the expression that suggested there was a weakness in the grade’s tormentor.

    The letters on the board switched and jumbled into the burning question of his intelligence. Was he as good as the other children?

    He glanced pleadingly up at the teacher whose mouth stretched fakely. A lapse of silence, and then a mumble.

    A snicker sounded from behind him. His fuse, lit short from the day, fizzled crisply toward his heart and with a pop he got up from his seat and flung for the door. Madly his heart beat with each step away from the swimming sea of words in the classroom, but they stayed in his head, taunting him with unpronounced dread.

    The words chased him away, but they met again later, for the teacher to drill them into his heart. He thump-thumped with each syllable, breathed in each word, until the sparks flew in his mind and the daily fight drove his temperature higher and higher towards violent endings.

    And finally steam poured out with the changing of the tide, water pouring in.

    “Jeffrey, think of it as a song.”

    Singing through the words, sparkling instead with meaning and not mystery. They jumped to the beat of his heart now, at intervals of patience gained. He smiled with each wordy accomplishment, at each piece of knowledge that he drew forth. The sparks became sparser as he finally grew into his temperament.
Child of the Short Spark
I wrote this piece for class, based off the title as a prompt.

Comments and favorites always appreciated! :heart:
    Aura sprinted through the forest, on the back of the wind with the rustling leaves urging her on. It didn’t matter that a shoe had flown off; there was no stopping when the insects were close on your tail, unrelenting in their pursuit. Their metallic buzzing filled the forest and drowned out her ears with a deafening sound.

    "She had killed him, her rescuer, but he had understood."

    She ran from that thought, but it was louder than any physical threat that had sought her out after her escape from a forced life of mechanical killings. If her prosthetic heart could feel anything, it would feel regret.

    The sound of shearing came from close behind her and from both sides as the bugs cut through the foliage effortlessly.

    The sound of his voice came through to her, fresh from only a few days ago.

    "We can run, Aura, run from both our lives. You won’t have to suffer under someone else telling you what to do."

    Well, he was right, but she hadn’t listened. The urge to return to her past life was too strong, and she came crawling back to her mercenary creators with the death of Que on her hands as a sacrifice. They wouldn’t have her though, wouldn’t accept excuses.

    She stumbled on a tree root and one of the metal insects lashed out its razor tentacles, slicing open a section on her back. She was a tireless runner, but even something like her could begin to lag in attention. Still, Aura burst forward again, away from the enemy closing in.

    Her cat-like eyes picked out her strides step by step in the encompassing darkness. She chanced a glance behind her, and saw the glint of steel of at least two dozen rat-sized bugs, only a few yards behind her. Reinforced legs took her effortlessly away through the forest, towards what she was beginning to think was her doom.

    "Aura, you aren’t a tool. You can be human if you choose to be."

    He was the only one who could say that. But Que hadn’t known her like she knew herself. She lashed out behind her suddenly, ripping one of her pursuers out of the air and using it to thrash at the other bugs. They blurred around her, flying around faster than the human eye could see, but Aura knew and could see, and fought them off.

    She decided suddenly, if her low-life employers, no, enslavers, didn’t want her back as a human, then they couldn’t have her back at all. She broke free of the bugs and sprinted a few more steps to a roar greater than the menacing buzz of the assassins, and leaped out into the air.

    She flew through the air, seemingly, towards the water churning and foaming below. Time seemed to slow down as she finally felt the life in herself bloom.

    "You can be human… You can be human…"

    Que’s words echoed in her thoughts. She let them fill her every false limb. Yes, she would feel humanity, and if that meant letting her life bloom and fade, then so be it.
The Secrets Through Her Eyes: Epilogue/Short Story
This could be read as an extended story to my previously posted story, but it could also be a short story by itself.

Idon'tknowhowtodoitalicssoIusedquotationmarks ^^

Comments and favorites are always appreciated! :heart:


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I like painting cats and misc. colorful things!~

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